APT - Astro Photography Tool

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APT - Astro Photography Tool

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Grüß Euch!

Neue Version Verfügbar - Eclipse "beta" - APT 3.35

- Added is "Extreme EOS Shooting mode"
- Added Mixed CCD imaging plan type
- Added is possibility to Import tooltips translation from the Settings->Main tab
- Added is possibility to see 1:1 scale thumbnails in the Image Browser. This allows to evaluate the guiding quality without loading the image and to delete the bad images faster.
- Added is #RotatorPos command that allows to control the rotator position from within plan
- Added #GoToAltAz command
- Added Script/Commands editor (opens from Plan Editor) - the result form editor can be used only in the FULL version
- Added minor tweak in the LiveView button (and the others like it) to make more visible when they are in pressed state
- Added Custom and ToDo tabs in Object Browser can export only the selected objects
- Added Sync buttons in Gear/PointCraft now prints message in the Log section
- Added Connect Camera/Scope/Focuser and etc. buttons will open automatically the corresponding selection dialog box if connection to the last device can't be made
- Added Fixed the Custom and ToDo tabs in Object Browser to format the object size to two digits after the decimal point
- Added is the latest Canon library
- Added is support for EOS 77D and 800D (anyone has such models?)
- Added EOS 6D MkII and 200D in the Object Calculator
- Added possiblipy all floating windows to follow the main window moving/resizing
- Added handling for big CCD images

- Fixed is rare possibility APT to crash on filter wheel connection
- Fixed are theoretical (no reports yet) possibilities for crashes in ASCOM telescope, focuser, camera, rotator communication.
- Fixed Camera tab to show correct Digic version for Digic 7camera
- Fixed is bug in Plan editor. In some situations there was need to make double selection of filter or aperture during exposure selection
- Fixed a bug in Magnifier and Pixel Aid that can crash APT when LiveView is used.
- Fixed a bug in coordinates calculation when PointCraft Aim mode is combined with Cross.
- Fixed a bug in Object Browser when Show is clicked from empty ToDo list
- Fixed is a bug in plan scheduling options when the schedule happens after midnight.
- Fixed is rounding of "Steps Per Degree" in Settings->Focuser which was disabling the sub-step accuracy calculations on temperature control
- Fixed bug in image preview when imaged with RAW only image qulity
- Fixed rare bug in Darkness clock
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