NGC6118 in Serpens(Cauda)

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NGC6118 in Serpens(Cauda)

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NGC6118 is a pretty Grand Design Spiral in Serpens Cauda, 6 degrees east of globular cluster M12. At mag. 12.7 (4.7x1.9 arcmin) it is of Hubble Type Sc or SA(s)cd with De Vaucouleurs and displays multiple StarForming Regions (HII) along open wounded spiral arms. In 83 mio. L.Y. distance the true diameter is 115 000 L.Y. A type Ib supernova has been discovered with the automatic KAIT Telescope at Lick Observatory (SN 2004dk).With amateurs the galaxy is nicknamed "Blinking Galaxy" because of the same effect as is known and observed with planetary nebulae. The galaxy was discovered on April 17 1785 by W.Herschel. Exposure time was 6hrs at LPO. Regards and CS
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Re: NGC6118 in Serpens(Cauda)

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Servus Walter,

schöne Spirale, gleicht ein wenig NGC6070 finde ich!